£206m investment to support zero emissions shipping and skilled maritime jobs

Thousands of ships, cruises and ships will become greener and cleaner thanks to a £206million investment to support zero-emissions shipping and skilled maritime jobs, as part of the government’s shipbuilding strategy .

Taking steps to cement the UK’s role as a global leader in shaping the future of transport, the government will create its first office entirely dedicated to making shipping greener – pioneering research and development new technologies that could make sea travel as green as it was hundreds of years ago.

Known as the UK Shipping Office for Reducing Emissions (UK), the new unit will be hosted by the Department for Transport, building on the success of the UK’s Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (WCDC) launched last year.

Dedicated to creating a world free of maritime emissions, UK will implement a comprehensive research and development program, including a multi-year program WCDCand will work in partnership with industry to address shipbuilding supply and demand issues and help build greener ships – from cruises to tankers and pleasure craft.

UK will also help develop the infrastructure to enable zero-emissions technologies and the physical infrastructure needed to propel these new-age vessels. The program will include a host of technologies including hydrogen, electricity and ammonia, and this funding will place the UK among the leading nations in the development of new and innovative ships and port infrastructure, supporting its rich maritime industry and its coastal communities.

Funding under UK will revive manufacturing hotspots across the UK, creating new skilled jobs and opportunities while improving local economies.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said:

Climate change is a global challenge and it is essential that, with our maritime sector’s rich history of green travel, dating back thousands of years, we address emissions from shipping.

I want UK to bring the industry back to the future. The age of sail was the first green maritime age; new technologies will bring us into a second green era.

And as we buck the trend of green shipping, I look forward to seeing thousands of new jobs created across the country, from masterful shipbuilders to the high-tech sailors of tomorrow.

Following the highly successful WCDC In 2021, the expansion of the competition will strengthen the UK’s position as a global leader in zero-emission ship technologies. Details of the funding will be revealed in the coming months and it will be open to a range of UK innovators – from small businesses to universities.

Maritimes Minister Robert Courts announced the new funding today (10 March 2022) at Southampton Docks and said:

We are building a green maritime legacy for generations to come.

This is the largest single investment in green shipping in the last hundred years and is further proof that the government is committed to working with the industry to develop the green shipping technologies of tomorrow.

Reiterating the Government’s commitment to eliminating carbon emissions from transport, the increase in funding is a major step towards the UK Government’s goal of all ships being zero emissions by 2050, and signals an industrial revolution green that will turn the shipbuilding company into a technology powerhouse. , strengthening the competitiveness of British industry.

The government will implement this ambitious program alongside regulatory developments, ensuring a strategic approach to the transition to zero-emission maritime transport while continuing to implement its transport decarbonisation plan.

uk shipping CEOBen Murray said:

We have always been an island of maritime pioneers, and this investment will ensure that this continues for a long time to come, helping the UK develop its role as a global center for maritime decarbonisation.

The establishment of UK and the extension of the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition can allow us to create innovative green solutions at home and, in turn, export them around the world.

And it will create new jobs in our coastal communities, helping them realize their potential to become green engines of economic growth. Maritime UK and its members will work more closely than ever with government to ensure these ambitions are met.

UK will offer a series of interventions inspired by our experience of decarbonizing other modes of transport. It will look at programs such as the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, transforming the UK into a world leader in the design, manufacture and operation of clean maritime technology.

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