9 games to try if you love to navigate Assassin’s Creed

There is nothing quite like taking the high seas in a game or in real life. During this trip, the only objective is the destination. Beyond that, it’s about exploring and enjoying the simplicity of the ocean and not being eaten alive by giant sea monsters or destroyed by galleons with a lot more guns. The good life.

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Many games attempt to replicate these adventures on the high seas. One of the most popular that gave the impression of naval combat alongside the exploration of isolated islands dotting the map was Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. With its many locations as well as the chants of hypnotic sailors, other games have what it takes to be alongside this great sailing experience.

9 Traveling between islands with enemies on foot makes Pillars Of Eternity 2: Deadfire a fun sailing game

Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire

Although the perspective is a top-down and map-based approach, Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire offers plenty of high seas adventures for players looking to explore the world at the risk of being approached by powerful enemies.

As an Observer, players are tasked with traveling from island to island in order to strengthen their power and alliances to defeat a mighty god walking on the surface. During this process, they will have the opportunity to upgrade their ship and engage in text-based ship combat. While the combat isn’t too exciting, the exploration makes up for it.

8 While it might not be sailing, Grand Theft Auto V’s speedboat and jet ski races are hard to pass up.

Grand Theft Auto is second to none when it comes to the shenanigans players can find themselves in. It’s no different when they hit the waters surrounding San Andreas Island. Whether they’re racing the jet ski or having speedboat shootouts, there are lots of fun things to do.

In most cases, brushing the surface of the waves is also pleasant. The boats snag and bounce off the waves and, if damaged enough, the boats break down, leaving players stranded in the ocean.

7 Become a pirate with mini-games in Sid Meier’s Pirates

Naval combat in Sid Meier's Pirates

As one of the earliest examples of a great pirate game, Sid Meier’s Pirates was released in 1987. Although it was a great game in its own right, when it was updated in 2004 it just got even better. With quality improvements and great graphics for the time, the game introduced video game piracy in a legal way.

In Pirates, players will navigate the Caribbean, taking into account wind conditions, other ships, and the weather. Besides sailing, players can participate in a variety of mini-games to help them develop their role as the legendary pirate of the Caribbean.

6 The Wind Waker has fantastic navigation

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Dragon Roost Island

Although decisive upon release, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is still widely considered to have a special place in the franchise due to the unique way players explore the world. They were able to climb into the back of an anthropomorphic sailboat, the King of Red Lions.

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When it was re-released for Wii-U, some quality improvements were made which eased the frustration of finding a path on the high seas and accelerated the speed at which the boat could actually go. With these changes, setting sail finally felt right and the waters of Hyrule became exciting to explore.

5 Building a boat in Valheim and sailing serene seas is always rewarding

Valheim has a wonderful way of sneaking up on the player. It is serene and peaceful in the early hours of hunting and gathering. Building a base is satisfying and creates a place to feel at home after a long day of adventure.

Eventually, players can build a boat and navigate to greener pastures. Once on the water, at least initially, players have a serene vantage point to seek out lush, inviting beaches to call home. After finding new biomes, however, things get more dangerous, with dangerous creatures lurking in the depths.

4 The loneliness of the high seas in Sea of ​​Solitude is just as dangerous as the water

An official screenshot of Sea of ​​Solitude

For a more contemplative experience, Sea of ​​Solitude offers hours of introspection while gliding over deep waters between submerged cities. While this game might not have the action-packed drama of the Caribbean seas, it does make up for its narrative.

Players get a glimpse of the main character’s declining sanity as she battles her own existential terror. It’s an intimate story with desperate stakes that takes the player forward through the rising seas and into the next chapter in Kay’s story.

3 Survival mechanics make exploration dangerous and rewarding in Windbound

Similar to The Wind Waker, Windbound offers vast oceans to explore, dotted with dangerous islands. Unlike this Zelda game, however, this game is all about survival. Players must make a plan before embarking on the islands.

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While the game can be a bit tedious, this is the level at which the player feels the desperation of being lost on the high seas and having to fend for themselves under dire circumstances. With patience, players are rewarded with beautiful scenery and the feeling of victory against all odds.

2 Learn what it takes to navigate a real profession in the VR regatta

Regatta race in VR regatta

For all gamers looking for an exceptional VR experience, VR Regatta offers hours of navigation. This game welcomes newcomers as well as those who are familiar with sailing, as it has both teaching capabilities and learning methods.

Experiencing the open ocean in virtual reality in first person allows players to feel as if they are moving up and down along the surface as they work on the different parts of their craft in order to continue to navigate. The game asks players to learn and love real boating skills in a way unique to the genre.

1 Sailing doesn’t get much better than when done with friends in Sea Of Thieves

Sea of ​​Thieves is today’s exceptional destination for those who wish to sail the high seas with the wind blowing their backs and countless distant shores dot the horizon. Created by Rare, this game has grown to even include Pirates of the Caribbean branded content since its release in 2018.

With weather physics deciding direction and speed, to spectacular water that can turn dangerous in an instant, Sea of ​​Thieves begs players to get back on their lone sloop or four-person galleon and to embark on their next adventure.

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