A Brief History of Officially Documented UFO Encounters

The US Pentagon recently announced a new “All Areas Anomaly Resolution Office” to specifically investigate unidentified flying objects, after officially releasing videos of UFO encounters in 2020.

Let’s take a look at some officially documented UFO encounters throughout history.

2015 USS Roosevelt incident

A U.S. naval carrier conducting training exercises on the U.S. East Coast in 2015 had several reports of unidentified objects picked up by their radars. Fighter jets have been dispatched several times to investigate, with pilots reporting oddly shaped objects moving erratically at abnormal speeds.

According to one account, a pair of fighter jets were confronted by a “cube-shaped” object flying at a dangerously high speed between them. The following videos are recordings of two of the incidents, which the US Department of Defense declassified in 2020, confirming the incident to be true.

2004 Nimitz incident

A US aircraft carrier repeatedly detected clusters of strange flying objects on its radars as it cruised along the west coast in 2004. While several crew members said they observed erratically moving spots at sea level, a fighter pilot during a routine training exercise observed a smooth ‘tick-tock’ shaped object, slightly smaller than his plane, flying near sea level sea ​​and moving erratically.

In an effort to investigate and possibly hunt the object, the pilot flew close to it, only to see it streak out of sight at abnormal speed. The video, declassified by the Pentagon in 2020, stems from an incident that followed shortly after when a pair of fighter jets noticed a similar white capsule-shaped plane, which experts said had flown in a way that defied the laws of physics.

1969 Berkshire UFO encounter

Several residents of Berkshire County, Massachusetts spotted flying objects in the sky on September 1, 1969. Many of them called the local radio station to report flashing lights and loud sounds in the area.

One of the most significant stories is that of Thom Reed, then nine years old. On the night in question, Thom was in a car with his mother, brother and grandmother, crossing a local bridge when they saw a bright light coming out of the water, resembling a large turtle shell. The Reed family claim they then blacked out and didn’t wake up until a few hours later. Strangely, it was Reed’s grandmother in the driver’s seat, instead of her mother, and the car’s ignition was off.

The Reed family account was accepted as historically accurate by the Great Barrington Historical Society and the Governor of Massachusetts in 2015.

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