A ‘flying’ kite flies over the road in a physics-defying clip

A deer has shamed Michael Jordan after it was filmed jumping insanely high while crossing a road in India. A jaw-dropping video of the gravity-defying feat had over 85,000 views on Twitter as of Monday morning.

“And the gold medal in the long and high jump goes to….” reads the caption for the high-flying footage, which was shared on the India-based environment’s Twitter account on Friday NGO WildLense Eco Foundation.

In the exhilarating slow-motion clip, a spotted deer can be seen emerging from a river and leaping effortlessly down a dirt road. During the incredible soaring leap, the ungulate glides through the air at about the height of a person as if suspended by wires in a Hong Kong kung fu movie.

This deer is going viral for returning a big “buck you” to physics after being filmed leaping insanely high while crossing a road in India.
Twitter/WildLense Eco Foundation

The clip ends with this badass Bambi navigating through the bushes on the other side of the path and running away under the amazed gaze of passers-by.

Although the clip poster doesn’t actually disclose the type of deer featured in the images, the axis deer – a species native to India – can apparently jump over fences when threatened, Hunting heart reported.

Wildlife enthusiasts on social media were impressed by the leap evoking the animal’s ‘womb’.

“Wow, I’ve never seen such a long jump from anyone, but this one literally flies,” commented a wondering onlooker impressive airtime of the acrobatic animal. Another wrote, “Yes, the gold medal goes to the audacious ‘Deer’, what a leap! I can’t believe this.

A fan compared the scene something like an “action movie”.

This isn’t the first time an animal has shown seemingly species-defying athleticism. Two years ago, a javelin proved pigs could “fly” after it was filmed galloping down an Arizona street at ridiculous speed.

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