After spending 30 years alone on an island, the man moves to town at the age of 82


The Italian moved to this island in 1989 after attempting to sail from Italy to Polynesia on his own. He moved there because for a very long time he didn’t want to talk to anyone or maintain contact with anyone. He decided to return to La Maddalena in May among others after Budelli was declared an environmental observatory and Mauro was forced to leave his home.

“For a long time I lived alone, and far too many years after first disembarking on Budelli, I didn’t feel like talking to anyone. It’s true, I can’t enjoy the loneliness of the island, but my life has now taken a new turn, focused on communicating with others and being close to others, ”he said CNN.

He used his pension to buy a house on the island, and there are reports that he has also reconnected with his partner since he was young.

“I am living proof that a second and new life is possible. You can always start all over again, even if you are over 80, because there are other things you can experience, a whole different world,” did he declare.

After deciding to stay in Budelli because he couldn’t imagine a life elsewhere, he finally embraced his new life in the presence of other people. Not only that, he also wrote a book about his life experiences and what it is like to live in isolation on an island called ‘La Poltrona Di Ginepro’ (The Juniper Armchair).


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