Airline pilot navigates Dubai’s competitive sailing scene


This weekend, airline pilot Bernado Landaboure swaps his Boeing 747 to join his racing team on a 20-foot sailboat.

Euronews met him during a sailing regatta off Dubai.

His Lavazza sailboat is just one of 40 ships that took part in the regatta organized by the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club.

Landaboure explained that competition is intense between teams in each of the club’s four divisions, which range from beginners to experienced sailors.

The crew

Landaurne has assembled a team of 15 people who sail in rotation for each race due to crew limits imposed for COVID security reasons.

“On board we have lawyers, businessmen, engineers and a pilot. Having a mix of people is something that is important to me. Everyone learns from each other,” he said. declared.

Landaurne explained that the crew’s only motivation for racing is their love of sailing: “It’s not a professional team. I don’t pay guys to be part of the team, but I tries to keep them motivated with good equipment, good standards and events. “

Dubai’s sailboat fleet typically consists of a mix of amateurs and semi-professional crews.

Captain Landaurne told Euronews that it is beneficial to have experienced sailors on board to raise standards and inspire and teach the most novice crew members.

The skipper

Landaurne learned to sail in his native Argentina as a child. At the age of 21, he became an airline pilot and explains that many skills associated with piloting a large aircraft can be applied to sailing, which gives him a unique advantage.

“Sailing and flying have a lot in common such as meteorology, navigation, physics and meteorological dynamics.

“The principle of the power of the sail is the same as that of an airplane wing: the moment I learned that I could apply my knowledge of gliding, it helped me a lot”, he declared.

Sailing lessons

The sailing scene in Dubai is very active, with the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club at its heart, offering a range of different courses for all age groups.

Landaurne explained that the club has started using a ‘crew feedback’ list for social browsing, which gives people the opportunity to volunteer in the crew of boat owners who need more hands. on the bridge.

To ensure safety, a reference is required from a club member confirming an individual’s ability to navigate.


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