Are Tom Brady and the Buccaneers back to defend the Super Bowl crown?


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers seemed to steer their wayward ship in the right direction with a convincing 30-10 win above New York Giants on Monday night football.

It was a heartwarming return to victory after the team dropped back-to-back deals to opponents they were heavily favored to defeat – the New Orleans Saints and the injury-exhausted Washington football team.

Monday night’s contest also looked like a spirited resurgence from the team’s steadfast leader.

After back-to-back outings in which Tom Brady threw two interceptions – the first time since weeks 11 and 12 of last season that he had done in back-to-back games – he appeared to be back in MVP form.

Brady set the Big Blue high school on fire throughout the contest, and while he forfeited a untimely giveaway (which may not have been entirely his fault), his night was as good as any he has ever had. ‘he’s had this season.

TB12 finished with 307 yards and two TDs on a 30 for 46 clip, and he mixed in a bumpy foreground for a little extra energizing fun to boot.

The victory included pretty much everything a head coach wants to see from their unit on a day-to-day basis: solid defense, efficient offense and absolute dominance in the possession time category.

But nonetheless, it came up against the lowly Giants, who at this point are more concerned with gaining a game-changing prospect in next year’s draft than in playoff football.

And Shannon Sharpe thinks that’s exactly why people shouldn’t put too much weight in winning when they screen for this year’s Super Bowl.

“I thought they were going to be chasing after the week off,” Sharpe said of the team on Tuesday’s episode of “Undisputed”.

“So now they’re losing this game, but they beat a Giants team. The Giants offensive line is bad. [The Bucs] had a three-on-five blocker race, and Suh comes home. [The Giants] give help to their guys [on one play], and save over save overwrites them and gets a bag. It’s really bad. “

Sharpe revealed Tampa was fourth in their power ranking after the Week 11 list.

“Right now I’m going to go to the Cardinals, Rams, Packers, Bucs, Cowboys. The Bucs are picking up some pieces. But I don’t see what everyone is seeing. Let’s watch the next three games. They have them. Colts this weekend. Maybe this will be the game that convinces me “OK, they’re ready to go.” But I’m not ready to say that after watching them beat the Giants. “

For Colin Cowherd, this year’s Bucs interpretation is no different from last year’s.

“Last year we kept waiting for it to click and then they got the bye and beat a bunch of bad teams and we were like ‘yeah they’re awesome’,” Cowherd said on Tuesday on “The Herd “. “But their offense wasn’t great. Really, their defense won the Super Bowl.

“This year we said it’s going to be a lot smoother for the Buccaneers. It’s going to be different: we have the preseason, this is the second year, we have OTAs.

“And it’s exactly the same. Last year Tampa averaged 29.5 points per game. This year they’re averaging 31. They were 7-3 at this point last year. have allowed 22.6 points per game. This year they are allowing 22.2, and their record is 7-3. It’s the same team. Why wouldn’t it? They brought in all the same players and the same coaches in the same division. All the inconsistencies are there this year. It is always expected that they are not that team Tampa. There is no higher cap. They will only win the playoffs if Brady is magic. “

The herdsman is right. Brady has usually managed to pull a magical feat of fantastic proportions out of his back pocket. But no man is invincible, no matter how many laws of physics Brady may have defied.

The next few weeks will say a lot about their legitimacy in the playoffs.

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