Brooks Automation to unify its services under Azenta Life Sciences


Brooks Automation has announced that its Brooks Life Sciences Services and Products business will be renamed Azenta Life Sciences, to integrate its genomic and analytical expertise and its storage automation and IT services among others. The company aims to support life science organizations around the world in their efforts to discover, develop and deliver effective therapies more quickly.

Technological networks spoke with Linda De Jesus, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of Azenta Life Sciences to learn more about the announcement and how it will help drive innovation with greater speed and precision.

Kate Robinson (KR): How has Brooks Automation evolved to meet the changing needs of the life sciences industry, and how did this lead to the launch of Azenta Life Sciences?

Linda De Jesus (LDJ):
Over the past ten years, we have developed and expanded our capabilities as a life sciences organization through multiple strategic acquisitions. We brought in amazing companies with unique capabilities who built the strong portfolio of products and services we have today. We now have the opportunity to strengthen this portfolio by uniting under a single brand: Azenta Life Sciences.

The offers that our customers know us today will all remain.

· Genomics and Analysis Services

· Consumable & Instruments

· Warehouse and logistics automation

· Sample supply

· Data and IT

· Advisory services

We are also developing our expertise to support our clients in the three phases of development

· research

· Preclinical & Clinical

· Manufacturing and distribution

For existing customers, this gives confidence in our ability to continue to deliver what they know and expect. For potential customers, we will showcase all of our extensive and integrated capabilities. Under our new brand, we will be able to better meet the needs of customers and strengthen their work.

KR: How will the creation of Azenta Life Sciences help stimulate innovation and support the development of new critical therapies?

Azenta is a leading provider of life science products and services supporting the analysis, storage and management of samples of biological and chemical compounds for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical, healthcare and academics around the world.

Our customers help solve some of the world’s greatest challenges, and there is a relentless demand for a partner who can protect their valuable samples in research and clinical trials while delivering deep expertise, speed, integrity. and trust.

To this end, we have brought together leading-edge capabilities in genomics, cryogenic storage, automation and computing. We are dedicated to exploring and managing samples at every stage of the lifespan, from planning and collection to storage and analysis. All with the aim of helping customers innovate with greater speed and precision.

KR: As high throughput technologies allow researchers to process an increasing number of samples, how important is it to adopt end-to-end solutions, from sample supply management to Data managment ?

As the Frontier of Advanced Therapies continues to develop faster, safer and more effective therapies, companies in the life sciences industry are required to improve and evolve operational efficiency through partnership with industry experts. to automate, outsource and develop innovative processes from the supply, analysis, management and storage of samples. . Organizations need reliable and accessible data management and automation solutions.

Our new strategic direction as Azenta Life Sciences will allow us to better serve our clients with scale, end-to-end solutions and robust capabilities that will drive innovation and growth with greater speed and precision.

Azenta’s intense focus on the life sciences could not have come at a better time. What makes Azenta unique is its complete end-to-end solution for sample management that focuses on chemical and biological samples used from research, clinical and preclinical to therapeutic administration. This kind of comprehensive sample lifecycle management is critical to the success of some of today’s most exciting research, such as cell therapy, regenerative medicines, genomic analysis and more. Azenta provides customized solutions to securely manage any stage of the lifespan of a research sample – including planning, collection, transport, processing, storage, analysis, retrieval and sample disposal – and its solutions specifically target the growing demand for exceptional quality control from clinical laboratories.

KR: Could you talk about some of the solutions and services that will be provided by Azenta and in which areas will these solutions be used?

With the advent of biologics and personalized medicine, biological samples have become essential assets for successful drug and therapy pipelines, and the proper management and protection of these samples has become increasingly important to our customers. We believe this trend has created a significant market opportunity for Azenta to provide complete sample management, cell therapy and genomics solutions. Since the successful mapping of the entire human genome at the turn of this century, the market for genomic services has grown to support research in biologic drug development, personalized medicine, and cell / gene therapy.

Our client list is in the thousands and we only cater to a fraction of the industry.

We serve the largest clients in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry, the most advanced research hospitals performing clinical research and therapy development, as well as some of the newest and most advanced start-ups in the field of biotechnology.

We also serve academic and government institutions, with industry expertise in biobanking and automated storage of biological samples.

Linda De Jesus speaking to Kate Robinson, editorial assistant for tech networks


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