Carnival Cruise Line Extends Protocols Until February 2022


Enjoy. Be careful, Carnival Cruise Line’s onboard and pre-board health protocols will remain in place into the New Year. Passengers wishing to sail aboard a Carnival Cruise ship will need to be vaccinated for crossings until February 2022.

Therefore, the cruise line precedes the CDC, which decides this month on the conditional sailing order. Choose to stick to health protocols as they are instead of waiting for what the CDC will do.

Enjoy. Be safe in 2022

Just weeks before the CDC decided whether or not to extend the conditional sailing order, Carnival Cruise Line took action with its own hands. The health protocols for cruise passengers performed well throughout the restart of operations, and with the virus still circulating, it’s no surprise the cruise line is making this decision now.

This means that all passengers on board over the age of 12 must be fully vaccinated. This means a full dose (1 Johnson & Johnson, two for other vaccines) at least 14 days before departure. Carnival also follows CDC guidelines, which state that the vaccine mix is ​​only acceptable to customers who have received mixed doses of Pfizer and Moderna.

Any other variation means that guests are not fully immunized. Tests for vaccinated guests should always be taken within two days of the departure date. Guests can do this through an authorized or approved testing center home test kits.

Guests using oxygen or dialysis

Carnival Cruise Line Ambassador John Heald has mentioned that guests who need oxygen for medical reasons are not permitted to sail and will not be permitted to sail until March 2022.

The cruise line states: “Unfortunately, we are unable to accept guests who use oxygen or dialysis during crossings during our restart phase (until March 2022). This includes customers who use oxygen concentrators. We remain optimistic that our approach to future crossings will become more flexible. “

No exemptions for 2022

Carnival is unlikely to receive any exemption requests for the crossings in 2022. The reasoning is that the cruise line expects FDA to approve childhood vaccinations soon and that children can get vaccinated before the holidays. Carnival said the following on its website:

Carnival Have fun.  Be Safe Protocols
Carnival Have fun. Be Safe Protocols (carnival website)

“The vaccine exemption process for departures in 2022 is currently not open. We are optimistic that vaccines will be approved and available for children between 5 and 11 years old before the end of the year, which will allow us to welcome more of our families with young children on board! We will provide customers with an update as the situation evolves.

Carnival Have fun.  Be Safe Protocols
Carnival Have fun. Be Safe Protocols (carnival website)

For now, vaccine exemptions will only be available on a minimum basis for children under the age of twelve on Caribbean cruises through December 31, 2021.

For other cruises, such as Carnival pride October 31, 2021, from Baltimore; Carnival glory November 28, 2021, from New Orleans; and Carnival miracle on November 28, 2021, departing from Long Beach, the cruise line will only grant exemptions if required by law.

Carnival Cruise Line appears to be taking a tough stance on its vaccine needs. Carnival still allowed some unvaccinated adults on board by choice until now; it will be over in the new year.

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The increasingly strict stance on its health requirements on board ships will be welcomed by many; while those who hope to see the end of the requirements will be disappointed, the cruise line has decided to take this step.

Carnival will see the measures as protecting its business interests, which it must do after a 15-month hiatus from operations in 2020-21.

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