CeeDee Lamb proves he’s more than a hard-hitting star with love for the great pasts of Cowboy, Candle Magic and Mad Michael Irvin Praise

IIt’s hard not to watch CeeDee Lamb. Whether he faints in front of candles, makes daring one-handed captures that both defy the laws of physics and threatens to break Ezekiel Elliott’s brain, or pays homage to the great n 88 ° of the Dallas Cowboys, Lamb demands your attention. Effortlessly.

CeeDee Lamb Dominating HBO Episode Hard knocks is even an easier summer bet than a box office winning Marvel movie. Or a Karen getting up at a school council meeting to loudly spit conspiracy theories.

Either way, it was happening. CeeDee Lamb is made for Hard knocks, but this wide is anything but one Hard knocks creation. This carefully packaged (and team-approved) NFL reality show has a way to make the mundane seem overwhelming, often playing minor characters in far more than they really are. And while this edition of Hard knocks may make you believe third quarterback Ben DiNucci is important – or a good chess player – there is no smoke and mirrors (or Beth harmon tomfoolery) in progress with CeeDee Lamb.

Lamb is a legitimate star in training. The sophomore soccer team is fast becoming a force for America’s most popular and hated soccer team. He didn’t need Hard knocks spotlight to show it in this training camp.

But he will benefit all the same.

“I’m funny about the smells,” Lamb enthused after showing an impressively-sized pink candle in his bedroom.

Cowboys Hall of Fame member Michael Irvin clearly felt a surge of grandeur in Lamb. In the most captivating sequence of the second episode of Hard knocks, The Playermaker gushes at Lamb during a video call with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

“Oh my God, that CeeDee Lamb was a terror on the football field,” Irvin said to Jones’ obvious glee.

Jerry explains how much Lamb got stronger during the offseason (and doesn’t eat anything else in front of the camera). Even more striking is Lamb’s appreciation for Cowboys history – and his potential future place in it.

Jerry jones

By reeling down the names of the other great Cowboy receivers who have worn the No.88 (Irvin, Drew Pearson and Dez Bryant), Lamb, 22, proves he understands what it really means to play for the NFL’s most famous franchise. .

It’s intoxicating stuff. And as powerful as catnip for Cowboy fans.

The lamb also shows an appreciation for present-day greatness. “That Man 99,” Lamb raves about Aaron Donald, the Rams’ entire defensive tackle, during joint training. “This man is a monster. A monster.”

As for the Rams’ defensive backs, Lamb isn’t so impressed. “Sailing smoothly,” he retorts when a teammate asks the sidelines how the competition is going. “Sailing smoothly. “

CeeDee Lamb’s moment of escape?

Yes, it’s good to be CeeDee Lamb. With Dak Prescott back in good health (presumably in the prime-time regular season on September 9 Thursday night against the defending Super Bowl Bucs champions), Lamb is poised to enjoy the breakout type of season. that changes fortunes.

Lamb was a steal on that 2020 draft night, with Jerry Jones running the war room from his mega yacht. The former Oklahoma star appears to be thanking his lucky stars for ending up in Dallas as well.

Cowboys Hall of Fame member Michael Irvin clearly felt a surge of grandeur in Lamb. In a captivating sequence, The Playermaker gushes at Lamb during a video call with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

This sophomore already appreciates the history of the Cowboys and the franchise’s place in the game. Although his head coach seems a little confused about it.

“We’re a popular team,” Mike McCarthy says at the start of the episode in one of those forced speeches from badass coaches who don’t perform as well on TV as the coaches think. “We are not here to be popular.

Did McCarthy Meet Jerry Jones?

Jones and CeeDee Lamb both know that being popular has many benefits. Lamb is already making a name for himself. In all good manners. She’s a daring future star with enough substance to last.

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