China is going to the moon. Biden moans at MAGA

China has just announced that it is planning three missions to the Moon after discovering a new mineral, Changesite-(Y), which could be the future of global energy.

President Joe Biden?

Oh, well, he actively attacks Donald Trump supporters and calls some American conservatives enemies of the state and dangers to society, etc. So there is this.

It’s almost as if the Biden team is working hand in hand with the Chinese to take advantage of it – the Chinese.

“China plans more lunar missions after finding new lunar mineral,” Bloomberg wrote.

“China discovers new mineral – and possible energy source – on the Moon,” New Atlas wrote.

“Lunar Exploration: Senior Officials Say Moon Samples Made Key Breakthrough in Chinese Space Science Research,” CGTN wrote.

“Great discovery on the Moon! China claims to become the 3rd country to ever discover a new mineral on the lunar surface,” wrote the Eurasian Times.

True? Not true?

In the rapidly changing geopolitical scene, perception plays an important role in shaping policy. Whoever proves to be the strongest is in many cases almost tantamount to saying that he is the strongest. It used to be America; it was once America’s gift. Everyone wanted to know what America was thinking, what America was doing, what America would think and do, as preconditions for forming its own sovereign judgments.

Thanks to Biden, America has slipped into this role.

Remember this?

“American prestige has been stuck in Afghanistan,” as Europac noted in August 2021.

How about that?

“The U.S. dollar is losing its luster as a reserve currency as the greenback’s share of global reserves hits a 25-year low,” as Kitco News wrote in May 2021.

This article went on to explain how “the reach of the US dollar as a global reserve currency is shrinking as central banks around the world reduce the share of US dollar reserves, according to the International Monetary Fund”.

Then there’s always this – the must-see Joe Biden special: “The world ‘laughs’ at Joe Biden”, from Sky News Australia in September 2021, and “Biden’s gaffe at G-7 summit makes leaders laugh world”. from the New York Post in June 2021, and “Biden shakes hands in sophistication after North Carolina speech,” from the New York Post in April 2022.

Stop that.

But it’s the Biden climate change bill that gives between $370 billion and $400 billion in taxes for emissions reduction efforts that really bites the big one. The more Biden pushes electric vehicles, the more China cheers. The more Biden pushes alternative energy sources, the more China gets carried away.

Most rare earth elements for electric vehicles, wind turbines and other green energy products are controlled by China.

The greener America becomes, the more powerful and influential China becomes – and the weaker and less influential America becomes.

America was once the nation of space exploration, energy dominance and independence – of bold creativity, ingenuity and ambition.

“As the space race between China and the United States intensifies, Chinese scientists have made a key discovery on the Moon that could catapult it to an elite group of countries that only includes states States and Russia,” wrote the Eurasian Times.

Expect more headlines, more reporting, like the one under this Biden administration.

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