Delhi government to add 7,000 beds to its hospitals and digitize the sector


The Delhi government on Saturday announced a Rs 139 crore project to digitize healthcare management and hospital-patient interactions in the city through an integrated cloud-based management system and digital health cards.

Officials said the Delhi cabinet approved the budget and authorized funds to set up the “health information management system”, and the contract was awarded to M / s NEC Corporation India Private Limited.

Chief Minister Kejriwal also announced that the cabinet had approved the creation of 6,836 new beds in Delhi’s public hospitals. “This is a huge increase in the city’s health infrastructure. Today Delhi has 10,000 beds in public hospitals and 6,800 are being added. This is a 70 percent increase, and it is no small feat. These will be ready in six months. We can be prepared for the third wave if it comes. Even if not, these will be ready for the people of Delhi, ”he said.

According to a Delhi government official, the system is expected to be ready by mid-2022. It will first be implemented in all public hospitals, then in private hospitals gradually.

“All Delhi hospitals are connected on a common platform and a portal will show how many beds are empty in which hospital, what drugs are available in what quantity. You will know the staff station, the medical station, how many ventilators are vacant. You will not need to form long queues in hospitals, you can make an appointment with doctors by phone and go there according to your convenience, ”said the CM.

This system is supposed to be digital and cloud-based, and citizens will be connected to it through “electronic health cards”.

“All services related to patient care, such as hospital administration, budgeting and planning, supply chain management, back-end service and processes, will be integrated into this system. Health insurance cards will be issued and will be accessible online. This will help Delhi people to get all information under one roof and immediate help in case of emergency… As part of the health card project, QR code based online health cards will be issued to residents of Delhi on the basis of which basic demographic and clinical information of each patient can be obtained. Mapping of families will be done using online health maps for health plans and programs. It will be integrated with HIMS for transparent information exchange. Cards with QR codes will be distributed to each person after physical verification, ”said a government statement.

According to a representative, surveys will be conducted to obtain these cards and they will be distributed as part of a door-to-door campaign.


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