Estar Medical Announces Exclusive U.S. Distribution Agreement with Aesthetic Management Partners for Cellenis® PRP Product Line

The leading PRP product in the US aesthetic market will continue to be distributed exclusively through Aesthetic Management Partners, under the global umbrella of Estar”Cellenis®PRP”

LONDON, August 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Estar Medical®, a globally recognized leader and supplier of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and other related cell therapy technologies, recently finalized an exclusive distribution agreement with Aesthetic management partnersan American aesthetics distributor with an extensive national presence that provides a comprehensive ecosystem of business support for aesthetics and dermatology clinics.

Estar Medical (“Estar”) provides this information to its US customer base and practitioners offering PRP products and services regarding the continued availability of its Platelet Rich Plasma to long-time US users and new accounts under its global brand Cellenis® PRP .

“Until the beginning of this year, we had sold our entire PRP portfolio (11 and 22 ml tubes) in the American aesthetic field through Eclipse, who was our distributor in the American aesthetic market,” says Aaron Esteron, CEO of Estar. “Eclipse sold Estar’s PRP under its brand name ‘Eclipse PRP’. This brand name and other specific assets were purchased by Crown Laboratories, a US competitor to PRP. For clarity, PRP technology and Estar’s means of production were not part of any such agreement, as these are owned and owned exclusively by Estar. We have not given or sold to Eclipse or Crown the right to manufacture our PRP. It it may be that the assets that Crown Laboratories purchased from Eclipse include some or all of the PRP tubing we made for Eclipse, if so this is a limited supply as it remains available, with dates shorter expiry dates, being legally resold only by Eclipse until December 31st2022.”

After terminating Eclipse’s distribution agreement in May 2022, Estar signed a new US distribution agreement with Aesthetic Management Partners (AMP) to continue to dominate US sales and implement the Estar’s global growth strategy. AMP is now the sole US aesthetics distributor for Estar PRP, the exact same PRP tubes and proprietary technology used in the US in over 1,000,000 procedures, earning #1 in the US aesthetics market and hair restoration. The only change is the name: Cellenis® PRP, the name that Estar uses worldwide in the global aesthetics market.

“AMP has an incredible sales and marketing team, which will expand our ability to meet the needs of current and future customers and aesthetics providers across the United States and generate new growth opportunities and a value through better performing, more innovative and sustainable solutions,” added Aaron EsteronCEO of Estar.

Long-term PRP customers can expect to continue to receive customer service, medical education, and access to AMP’s extensive line of highly effective aesthetic products.

About Estar Medical
Estar Medical is a global leader in the regenerative medicine and PRP industry, with representation in over 60 countries, holding numerous international patents and has developed unique proprietary solutions in the fields of facial aesthetics, hair restoration, natural skin care, orthopedics, sports medicine, wound care and many other medical applications.

Estar’s proven protocols, numerous clinical studies, and extensive ongoing research and development enhance its ability to provide physicians and their end users with optimal, natural medical solutions.

About Aesthetic Management Partners
Aesthetic Management Partners is a growing medical device and biologics company in the functional medicine and aesthetics industry. AMP is focused on launching unique products and technologies that deliver optimal patient outcomes with little or no downtime.

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