Falmouth Harbor tests sea urchin-inspired anti-fouling kit


The brains behind a green anti-fouling solution inspired by sea urchins for boats have partnered with Falmouth Harbor and Rustler Yachts to bring the technology to Cornwall in a first industry.

Finsulate’s revolutionary “bio-wrap” is tested on the hulls of the fast patrol vessel Falmouth Killigrew and the Arwenack launch – with the potential to deploy this stinging lightning strike against the bottom of the entire Port Authority fleet.

This is the latest initiative in a 150th anniversary pledge to be ever cleaner and greener, making Falmouth Harbor the recent winners of “Environmental Growth” at the Cornwall Sustainability Awards.

Finsulate was invented to tackle the significant environmental problem caused by bicodes, copper, microplastics, and solvents leaching into the oceans from traditional anti-fouling products.

Scientist and diving enthusiast, Dr Rik Breur was intrigued and inspired by the sea urchins’ ability to live in the sea while remaining free from barnacles, algae and other colonizers, while the smooth shells of crabs s ‘encrust.

Dr. Breur has reproduced the sea urchin effect by creating a unique material incorporating a fine mesh of nylon “thorns” that is laid on the hull of a boat as a long-term, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional anti-fouling products.

Finsulate UK Managing Director Sam Mason said: “We are proud to work with Falmouth Harbor, which is at the forefront of the port industry with sustainable sailing practices as evidenced by their recent sustainability award. . By committing their own ships to be wrapped in Finsulate, they are once again setting an example and hopefully inspiring other sailors and boat owners to change! ”

The Finsulate UK team is working on Falmouth Harbor ships with technicians from Rustler Yachts – the first in the South West to be trained and accredited to adapt the innovative prickly wrap for the future.

Bamba McDonald, Commercial Director of Rustler, says: “The current composition of anti-fouling products as we know them will be phased out and viable and environmentally friendly alternatives will be introduced to the market. So it’s great to work with Finsulate UK and Falmouth Harbor on this exciting and effective solution.

The Finsulate UK trial is part of Falmouth Harbor’s commitment to be at the forefront of green innovation to protect the port and its unique natural environments and habitats – a commitment that has won praise in the ‘Environmental Growth’ category. From the Cornwall Sustainability Awards.

Other recent initiatives include additional protection for seagrass beds in the harbor, a black water pumping facility that removes effluent onboard ships’ tanks, and a new Seabin scuming litter that connects Falmouth Haven to the Seabin Project’s global network. with the aim of “cleaning our oceans one marina at a time”.

“The Environmental Growth Award is a fantastic recognition of our team’s mission to balance the commercial security of our beautiful harbor – maintaining Falmouth as a thriving and diverse port – with the need to protect our invaluable environment for many. regards, ”said Miles Carden, CEO. “The Finsulate project uses nature and physics, not chemistry, to solve the thorny marine problem of protecting ships without polluting the sea. It is an exciting and brilliant time to work with the forward-thinking teams of Finsulate UK and Rustler. The practice of how anti-fouling boats just haven’t materially changed in a generation. Hopefully this is a drastic change in the way we do things.

Finsulate’s new generation of antifouling is now being rolled out across the UK, including through Falmouth Harbor and Rustler Yachts in the South West.


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