Famous Australian explorer Douglas Mawson dies



Sir Douglas Mawson was himself so modest that his eminence in the field of scientific exploration was not achieved by those among whom he lived.

Beyond South Australia, where he had made his home for over 50 years, Sir Douglas Mawson’s work was more appreciated.

After distinguishing himself as a member of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic team (1907-199), he led his own main expedition south in 1911.

Despite the tragedy which resulted in the deaths of two of his companions and which nearly cost him their lives, Sir Douglas Mawson achieved results which, by their scope and scientific importance, have never been carried out in a similar enterprise.


“Australia’s current position in Antarctica is entirely due to the foresight, imagination, energy and stimulation of Sir Douglas Mawson,” the director of the department’s Antarctic division said last night. of Foreign Affairs (MPG Law).


Mr Law said that for a period of 50 years Sir Douglas Mawson was “always forward-looking, always young in heart and enthusiasm; an inspiration to all of us of this young generation.

“He provided unwavering support, royal and wise advice, and a close personal interest in ANARE, which of course he helped create in 1947.

“Mawson Station and the results of its research as well as other Australian Antarctic bases will serve as a memorial to this great Australian pioneer,” said Mr. Law.


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