Guest notices ‘illusion shattering’ error when reopening Disney Ride

When you think of Disney’s iconic rides and attractions, a few may come to mind. Space Mountain, “it’s a small world” or even Peter Pan’s Flight. But for many, it doesn’t get more iconic than Pirates of the Caribbean.

Credit: Disney

This fun attraction takes guests on a journey through the life of a pirate, encountering all sorts of troubles along the way. Guests travel by ship through spooky caves, fly through cannon fire, and come face-to-face with the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) on multiple occasions.

pirates of the caribbean disneyland paris
Credit: Disney

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However, on January 17, Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Paris closed for several weeks as the attraction underwent a renovation. The ride reopened to guests about a week ago, but there are still notable malfunctions on the ride, as we recently covered.

disneyland paris pirates of the caribbean
Credit: Disney

Now, a few guests have also noticed an illusion breaking effect on the show building’s ceiling for the ride, sharing an image on Twitter. See @air_magique’s full tweet below:

Since the Pirates of the Caribbean renovation, some of the lighting really hits the ceiling of the buildings in the show, breaking the illusion of the night sky 🙈 (looks worse with long exposure than it does in real life but still …)

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As you can see, some of the lighting hits the ceiling in a very unflattering way, breaking the illusion of attraction. While this was a small mistake, Disney always strives to put on a “good show”, so we can only hope this issue is resolved soon. Disneyland Paris describes the attraction as follows:

Pirates of the Caribbean
Credit: Disney

A pirate’s life with Arrrrrrrrgh and more!
Hold the decks and hoist the rigging, because starting July 24, 2017, Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Barbossa, a new female hero and a crew of notorious buccaneers breathe new life into one of our most famous attractions, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Gather your little rascals, escape to a moonlit lagoon, board your ship and embark on a refreshing journey through a legendary era. Musket fire and explosions fill the air as you join Captain Jack Sparrow on his clumsy quest to unearth his hidden treasure. A toast with a skeletal fallen enemy awaits. But beware, as a vengeful Captain Barbossa confronts those who betrayed him, moonlight transforms him into a terrifying zombie before your eyes.

At Disneyland Paris, many changes are on the horizon for the Walt Disney Studios and their Disneyland park, a few weeks before the 30th anniversary. Walt Disney Studios is adding a massive addition that will include star warswonder and Frozen, as well as their very own Avengers Campus, which will be the first section to open in the park.

Credit: Disney

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We recently saw the reopening of Disney’s Sequoia Lodge while the Disneyland Paris Resort continues to undergo a renovation. On top of that, we saw pin price increases and amazing snowfall! The Disneyland Paris app has also changed; learn more here. Disney Stars on Parade is also back at Disneyland Park now that the holidays are over! Customers wishing to skip the queue can also purchase Premier Access, a pay-per-ride system that allows customers to skip the queue.

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