How this boss found his business partner on Twitter


Finding the right co-founder is as important as a good idea or funding, says Piyush Kumar, CEO of Roter. “Ideas evolve and so does the business, but the founders work together on this long journey,” he told ET Panache. Luckily for Kumar, in early 2016 he found someone on Twitter who would help him make the company what it is today.

In February 2016, the CEO took to the microblogging platform to find “a die-hard football fan” to lead his content team, without realizing the impact of the decision on him.

Kumar says many people responded to the post, but it was Dipesh Agarwal’s profile that really stood out. “I loved his passion for football, Liverpool in particular. His tweets were all about his passion for the club and the sport. And I was happy to learn that he already writes for a few big sports media houses in the UK. He had also worked for a few sporting events in India, which showed his desire for a career in this field when he was only 22 years old, ”Kumar recalls.

This first meeting
The duo met a few times online before connecting in person in Kolkata and again in Delhi. For Agarwal, it is Kumar’s passion for the sport and his belief in community technology that stands out.

Asked about that first meeting in Calcutta, Agarwal recalls that Kumar looked “quite young for his age” and was surprised that someone who was already working with a global luxury company wanted to jump in and start a platform. -sports form.

“I guess the main thing for us was to find a way to work well together,” he says. “We wanted to understand each other’s strengths first and then work to use them to build Rooter. Piyush brought a lot of experience with him and his network was pretty amazing. He was very focused on the type of product he wanted to build. I understood the content very well and also brought my understanding of the technology and products of my computer engineering background.

Agarwal credits “a clear understanding at the start” for the success of their partnership now. “We both have few rules, and being completely honest and showing strong integrity is the most important of them,” Kumar said.

Take it to the next level
During Agarwal’s third year in the company, Kumar and then co-founder Akshat (also former CTO) decided to offer Agarwal a co-founder position because “he was as much a founder as Akshat and me at this point ”. Besides building a strong content team, Agarwal “was very involved with the products and he cracked so many organic growth hacks,” says Kumar.

“He had the particularity of taking responsibility from day one. And he was also someone who would never say no to things. He was ready to fight the great battle. Personally, I love his approach to relentlessly improving the product and the team and it made me believe that I found a perfect co-founder for me to help build Rooter, ”Kumar recalls, stating that it was the best decision he had made in the past five years. .

“(Agarwal’s) Year four has been a leap year for Rooter as we expanded our sports content operations, built a strong community of commentators and accelerated growth at scale. Dipesh led the product and growth with complete control. And helped the company through the departure of another co-founder, ”he says.

Why Twitter?
Twitter not only found Kumar its co-founder, but investors as well. In 2020, one of his favorite entrepreneurs, Vijay Shekhar Sharma of Paytm, reached out to Kumar DMs to express his interest in investing in the business. “He said he found our story on Twitter,” Kumar recalls.

The CEO credits the microblogging platform as the biggest source on his network, even rating it better than LinkedIn or Instagram for putting it in touch with the right people. “I’ve been active on Twitter since 2008 and made so many new connections,” he says.


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