I wasn’t happy with my midlife weight – so I did something drastic over the holidays

As I grew older and moved closer to the danger zone of midlife crisis, I traveled more frantically than ever, in search of work, pleasure, family, and sometimes just cultural curiosity.

But no matter why I do it or even for how long, I can never progress beyond the deep belief that somehow travel exists outside the law. of physics. That when you travel, even just to Newcastle, but certainly Sicily, India or Germany, there are no calories going in and out. When I leave the routine of the house, I simply eat and drink as if every day were a day of pleasure; otherwise, how do you truly embrace culture? I might have cake for breakfast, ice cream for lunch, and fritto misto for dinner, but, in the name of absence, that seems perfectly acceptable.

Except it’s not, and at the end of almost every trip, I feel anxiously uneasy: the puffy chin and tighter belt, and the self-loathing that comes from giving up moderation and discipline.

Am I destined to return less fit and plumper than ever from any trip for eternity, requiring a grueling diet each time I return? Could I one day live a life where travel – which I love after all – wasn’t necessarily detrimental to my health and size?

Approaching my 40s, and still burdened, months later, with pandemic overconsumption, I decided to take the issue seriously. I went to BodyHoliday in Saint Lucia, where, as the name suggests, the emphasis is on the physique.

Since its conception in the 1980s, BodyHoliday has been a popular resort, with a packed schedule of optional fitness classes, from HIIT to group jogs, and daily spa treatments included in a spectacular resort on a hill overlooking the turquoise . waters. There is also a wide range of activities, such as tubing (towed in a rubber buoy behind a motorboat), sailing, snorkeling and diving.

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