Jharkhand strengthens health infrastructure to deal with a possible third wave of Covid-19


In an effort to combat a possible third wave of Covid-19, the Jharkhand government is strengthening health service infrastructure and setting up pediatric intensive care units in district hospitals, a statement said on Saturday.

District administrations have started work on developing special services in medical facilities for the treatment of coronavirus-positive children, with doctors and health experts warning that boys and girls could be most infected during the possible third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, he said.

Many district authorities have already set up at least one of these facilities and are in the process of developing more units in rural areas of the state, the statement said.

The administrations of several districts such as Koderma, Ranchi, Dhanbad, Jamshedpur, Gumla, Latehar and Giridih have already completed work related to PICUs, he said.

In Ranchi, work on a 27-bed PICU is complete and at least 40 more beds will be added, while the East Singhbhum District is putting in 30 beds for the pediatric intensive care unit.

A 20-bed PICU unit has been completed in Koderma, while Giridih and Hazaribag are developing pediatric services in community health centers and Sadar district hospitals.

The works to develop PICU facilities in Dhanbad and Khunti districts are at an advanced stage of completion, the statement said.

At least 14.34 lakh of people are under the age of 18 in the state, according to a manual prepared by the government to deal with the third wave of Covid-19.

“Our government will spare no effort to create the best possible health infrastructure for our children and our citizens. The third wave has been anticipated but the government is preparing in advance to fight it,” Soren said.

The second wave taught the administration a lesson and helped it find loopholes in health services.

“I closely monitor every development. We are doing our best to create a robust medical infrastructure statewide,” he said.

The chief minister also called on officials to strengthen pediatric services in public hospitals with modern medical equipment so that infected patients in rural areas can receive the best possible treatment in their localities free of charge.

PICU rooms are decorated with artwork and thematic paintings, while the curtains, sheets and blankets used in these units are colorful, an official said.

Apart from this, televisions are being installed, story books and other learning materials have been prepared, and dedicated play areas are being created in medical facilities, he said.

The state is already on high alert following the recent detection of new strains of coronavirus.

In addition to PICUs, the government has set up several medical facilities in collaboration with companies such as Tata Steel, Vedanta and SAIL for the treatment of patients with coronavirus.


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