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Toews and Hawks back Colliton after spiral continues originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The Blackhawks had their worst start since the 1999-2000 season when they went 0-4-4-0 in their first eight games. And it went from bad to worse on Sunday.

Less than 24 hours after the Detroit Red Wings were beaten 6-1 by the winless Montreal Canadiens, the Blackhawks were kicked out of their own building for their sixth straight loss and booed each other off the ice one night when the sold-out streak ended at 535 games. . The Arizona Coyotes are the only other winless team this season, and the frustration grows by the second.

“It’s a horrible feeling,” said Jonathan Toews after a 6-3 loss. “I don’t think there are a lot of guys who have been through something like this before, especially starting a season.”

The Blackhawks have managed to pull off some positives in their previous two games, whether it was a solid defensive effort or a special unit that continues to be successful. They couldn’t do it after Sunday’s performance.

It was a deplorable loss, and head coach Jeremy Colliton looked as downcast and disappointed as ever.

“It’s a step back from the last two games,” said Colliton. “Too much of tonight is a throwback to things that got us in trouble on the road trip and we paid the price for it. There are no secrets as to what we need to do. think everyone knows that. We have to find a way. “

The Blackhawks are desperate for answers, and that dialogue seemed to continue immediately after the game. Toews was the first player to speak to the media, but it took an unusually long 25 minutes from when the last horn sounded until when he walked over to the microphone, indicating that some sort of meeting took place behind closed doors.

“The details of what is said in the locker room always stay in the locker room,” Toews said. “But you can imagine we’re just trying to get ourselves out of the hole we’ve been in for six games here. It’s not a good feeling.

“Ultimately the solution is in our locker room. It’s everyone. So I think everyone is trying to take responsibility for how he can be better and help our team and get the win column . “

Of course, when a team stumbles so badly out of the gates, the heat usually rises on the bench boss, although the temperature should increase for everyone at this point, including President / CEO Stan Bowman. Expectations weren’t for the Stanley Cup or loss at the start of the season, but the Blackhawks absolutely expected to be a playoff team and they look far from it right now.

Patrick Kane was the first to express his faith in Colliton on the road trip, and the Chicago head coach received more votes of confidence from his management group on Sunday when questioned directly on this subject.

“The team have 100% confidence in Jeremy,” said Seth Jones. “I’ve been here for a short time, but his message has been great for us. In summary, there’s not much a coach can do. He’s not going to tie them up for you.

“At the end of the day, it’s not a coaching problem. It’s a matter of the locker room. It’s the players on the ice who play the game. We all have to find a way to be on the same page and have a common goal of how we want to play and what our identity is. “

The Blackhawks captain echoed those sentiments.

“Of course,” Toews replied. “There are details in our game that when we’ve done them and we stick to them we have four lines that get it right, it’s a fun way to play and everyone feeds on it. But we haven’t done enough.

“As a group we want to decide to do it, to commit to each other. It’s not like we decided to wait six games to do it, but there were times when we did. ‘ve done, it just wasn’t enough and wasn’t good enough.

“We have to find a way to engage with each other and I think that’s what we want to do. We want to start winning games, we want to have fun playing hockey because we know we are underperforming a lot. So that’s disappointing. “

Colliton was repeatedly asked if he felt any pressure and his response did not falter. Even after Sunday, he still feels he has the support of the management group.

But Colliton has never been one to worry about his professional status. What keeps him awake at night is how he can improve the Blackhawks and get this team out of a hole.

“There are no secrets on how we should play,” said Colliton. We know what to do. It’s up to me to find a way to get it translated. “

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