Largs woman reveals how ‘Long Covid’ left her bedridden for eight months after courageous battle with virus

A COURAGEOUS woman from Largs has shared how she was left bedridden for EIGHT MONTHS by a crippling strain of coronavirus.

Elizabeth Balmer, who is only 27, initially thought she only had earaches before the disease ravaged her body and robbed her of her independence.

The geology student warned other young people not to take the virus lightly after revealing how it left her with a nightmarish catalog of different symptoms that lasted for a full year.

These included extreme fatigue and severe chest pain.

Elizabeth said: “I spent month after month in bed starting in March and didn’t start to feel a little better until October.

“It was only then that I was able to do a few other things and stabilize my health. I had a very difficult year. The coronavirus was difficult to recover because it not only affected me physically but also mentally. . ”

Her bravery saw her chosen for a coveted place in a sailing adventure for young people affected by the pandemic.

The University of Edinburgh student has been selected as an ambassador for the Our Isles and Oceans project in partnership with the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, which offers funded sailing programs for young people.

She explained, “In May of this year I was feeling better and when I saw this happen I had to go.

“I was previously a very fit person with no underlying conditions who enjoyed the outdoors. Covid took me by surprise – after my 14 days of self-isolation, I realized I was not starting to feel better like everyone says.

“I checked everything, including my heart and lungs, and was told there was no long term damage. I am a young woman, so people should understand that this virus can attack you regardless of your age.

“At worst, I had very severe chest pain for about ten months, excruciating fatigue and very bad headaches. Pain.

“People with it can experience about 50 different symptoms and as soon as I got rid of it another seemed to develop. It was sometimes really horrible.

“It all started with ear pain, then a week later I had chest pain and couldn’t breathe properly. I was checked twice in the hospital and they found out that it was Covid-19.

“I thought in two weeks I would be over the rain again, but it turned into a nightmare that I never thought would end sometimes.”

Elizabeth has only truly recovered now after a nightmarish year and took the opportunity to embark on the adventure of two-handed sailing – enjoying every minute of it.

Elizabeth, who lives in Brisbane Street with her parents Brian and Elaine, said: “It was amazing. I met amazing people.”

The crew gathered in Oban last Tuesday, visited the Scottish Association of Marine Sciences and sailed to the Isle of Mull and Tobermory, before heading to Coll and Tiree.

Elizabeth, who learned to sail at Largs Yacht Haven, said: “It was an amazing and uplifting experience for everyone involved after their experience with the coronavirus.”

Elizabeth is now aiming to complete her PhD and hopes to earn an opportunity to return to the Mower for a round-the-world race stop.

She said: “I had to take my PhD when I felt bad and started in October part-time. Now I’m going back to full-time and I hope to finish it by the end of the year. next year.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do yet but I would love to teach and do a lot of research, but my eyes are completely open to a career in sailing so if I could combine the two that would be great.”

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