Mets minor league wide receiver Francisco Alvarez shines in MLB Futures game


Denver – Everyone at Coors Field was talking about Francisco Alvarez’s fireworks display when they hit the ball around Coors Field ahead of Sunday’s Futures Game.

However, the Mets’ strong capture outlook was 5-10, 233 pounds, saving a rocket in the scoring, and the Orioles Marcos Diplan in the 6th inning of the NL team’s 8-3. Fired a solo homerun on left field. Victory over AL.

“He’s a big boy,” said Brenen Davis of the Cubs. He hit two home runs, two back-to-back with Alvarez, and won the MVP title. “What he can do with a bat is very impressive. He has a very bright future. ”

Alvarez’s gifts aren’t bad either. Earlier this season, he came out of bottom A St. Lucy with a 0.417 (20 for 48) hit at 1.213 OPS in the first 15 games. Currently, hit percentage catchers are hitting 0.243 to 35 games in Brooklyn and have seven homers. Maybe last month’s Gore Head Blast and accompanying bat flip created a viral video sensation.

Alvarez, the youngest member of the Brooklyn team at the age of 19, was thrilled to bring the cyclone to the low of June 8. After seeing the ball go through the wall and giving his teammates an incredible look, he threw a bat. Air with both hands before entering for the first time. Bat beats have become more popular these days as traditionalists bow to the “Let the Kids Play” crowd, but even Alvarez thinks he may have gone a little too far.

“It caught me at that point,” Alvarez said through an interpreter on Sunday. “But looking back, I felt like I looked down on the game a little bit, and I feel like I have to respect the game a little more in this situation.”

He should have more chances. And in Brooklyn, Alvarez thinks he’s just warming up.

“I think it will be better in the second half,” said Alvarez. “When it comes to hitting I didn’t do everything I wanted to do so I have to make some adjustments to my swing and my approach to improve those numbers in the second half.”

Alvarez has joined the NL futures squad with Mets prospect Brett Baty. Brett Baty has become a former Brooklyn teammate after being promoted to Double A Binghamton on Saturday.

“Everyone always says when you get to Double-A you just have to call the big leagues once,” said Baty, who was 0-2 on Sunday. “So I know it’s really close. I just can’t wait to get on it and start with these guys.

For now, “they” are rough ponies. Of course, step by step. But seeing Bati in that environment, surrounded by next-gen MLB stars, brings back memories of another Mets prospect who was once in the same scenario and quickly jumped to Triple A.

It was Michael Conforto, who shone in a Futures game at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati and was promoted two weeks later to help bring the dying Mets offense to life. Baty hasn’t seen the Double-A pitch yet, so it’s not the same fast-paced storyline. But Bati, 21, a way the Boy Scouts praise his maturity on the plate, hit 0.309 in Class A in Brooklyn, then not bad with 14 doubles, 7 homers and 34 RBIs in 51 games. I was able to climb the ranks quickly.

Another reason to be optimistic about Bati. He is playing a position that is one of the Mets’ greatest needs, as third base has been replaced by many players and is not seen as a long term solution.

“I feel like I have the strength to hold on to it,” Bati said. “I have to control my lateral speed.

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