MSD crosses county border to take over Bullitt sanitation system


SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – The challenge of managing raw sewage has crossed county lines with a new acquisition by the Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD).

MSD took control of the Bullitt County Sanitation District (BCSD) on Wednesday after years of unresolved issues, including an environmental disaster in 2014. At one point, raw sewage was pouring out at a rate of 400 000 gallons per day.

Under the agreement, MSD will shut down the system’s failing factories and reroute wastewater to the Louisville metro system. Both sides said the deal made sense as the waterways do not respect county boundaries.

“Because watersheds, they literally have no boundaries,” said Jerry Summers, Bullitt County executive judge. “And that’s what it is. There’s no watershed up there that can handle these treatment plants. “

Summers said the immediate impact there will include a healthier, safer environment and more opportunities for residential development.

He said Bullitt County customer rates would not increase for 10 years and BCSD employees would keep their jobs.

MSD has agreed to pay $ 4.3 million to pay off BCSD’s debts. In return, MSD acquired a system of eight small wastewater treatment plants and 4,200 residential customers in Bullitt County.

“We can take these facilities away and divert that wastewater to existing large-diameter pipes,” MSD Executive Director Tony Parrott said, “and have it treated at our existing wastewater facilities”.

The agreement comes at a time when MSD is assuming a more regional role in wastewater management. MSD also operates systems in Oldham as well as in Bullitt County.

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