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Friday July 18, 1973

In 1973, four Swedish bankers and a graphic designer lived their childhood dream of traveling the world aboard an impressive 85-foot barquentine.

They were in Suva in July 1973, on their way home from a trip that saw them in the Mediterranean at Christmas.

The five Swedes who have known each other since childhood have pooled $ 80,000 to achieve their ambition.

Group spokespersons Peter Arfelt and Rolf Engel said it all started in 1968 when the group decided to purchase a stranded Baltic freighter named Gretel.

“We all contributed the $ 5,000 required to buy the broken trader,” said Peter.

“Six years later, with an additional $ 7,500, Gretel was converted to what it is today.”

Originally, seven classmates embarked on the project.

The average age of the group was 32 years old.

In August 1972, Gretel was transformed from an abandoned merchant into a floating house with seven cabins for 14 crew members, a compact but conveniently located kitchen just steps from the dining room, a new 120 horsepower and 3000 engine. square feet of sail.

The dark hold of the old schooner had been replaced by cabins and a dining room made of fir wood.

“It was a wonderful trip all around. After visiting a few places it looks like we could take another trip, ”said Peter.

Like many of their counterparts, sailors learned from experience and also from a period of study and past sailing adventures.


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