Navigate to new wonders of the world and enjoy a new crafting system in Uncharted Waters Online: Rhodes and Ephesus


Unexplored Waters Online, the historically inspired sailing game, has a new update that brings Chapter 2 of its story based on the Seven Wonders of the World. The new chapter, Rhodes and Ephesus, expands the story and adds new features, balances changes and brings a new deeper crafting system.

This new second chapter continues to develop the themes inherited from chapter 1. You can always use the Book of Wisdom to try to solve a new set of historical clues. There are two new legacy quests and new characters that will help you on your adventure. One will take you to explore and investigate a mysterious ancient temple (the Temple of Ephesus) and another will take you to the Colossus of Rhodes. UWO is a sailing game set in a historic setting from the Discovery Era to the 17th century. Seven Wonders will incorporate historical inspiration into the adventures you face.

The new Pursuit Production is a new production technique that allows you to create completely new products for the game. When you achieve certain skills or discover certain heirlooms or discoveries, you earn a title and gain expertise in a specific category. .

Pursuit Production will allow you to learn various skills and rank them. Keep adding new categories and ranking your existing skills over time. When you gain expertise, you open up new crafting possibilities. For example, one of the things you will be able to do is have a bonfire. When you use the bonfire as an object, your group will be able to sit or kneel near it and benefit from it for an hour.

The new update also includes a new class of ship, balancing updates, a new skill and a new class involving explosive cannons, and more. For more on the full patch notes and the new crafting skill system, visit Unexplored Waters Online.


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