On the front line: Correctional nurses and the COVID-19 pandemic


First-hand reports from nurses in correctional facilities detail the challenges they faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. These first-hand accounts are published in a special issue on correctional nursing in the Journal of Correctional Health Care. Click here to read the issue now.

Karen Monsen, PhD, RN, School of Nursing, University of Minnesota, and colleagues present the Omaha System COVID-19 Response Guidelines, which provide evidence-based pandemic response interventions used in correctional nursing. The guidelines are illustrated with examples from correctional nursing practice.

This special issue also contains an article titled “Leadership in Correctional Nursing: The First Step” by Jennifer Clifton, DNP, College of Nursing, University of Utah. “The first step in developing leadership skills requires introspection and contemplation,” she says. It guides nurses in developing a statement of personal professional philosophy, which should have two components: individual beliefs and core values; and the values ​​of the profession.

Brenda Baker, PhD, RNC, presents “Motherhood and Incarceration: A Conceptual Model Supporting Maternal Identity”. The model “focuses on four areas of influence for women who experience incarceration: the community before incarceration, individual characteristics, the prison experience and the community after release for reintegration and family reunification. Says Dr Baker. “The most important implication of the conceptual model is to end the intergenerational influences of incarceration on children. “

“Correctional nurses, once considered invisible to the public and other professionals because they serve patients who reside behind bars, have a better understanding of their own practice,” says Deborah Shelton, PhD, RN, guest editor of the special issue. “Correctional nurses are participating in greater numbers on boards of directors and professional activities to build consensus on the future of nursing. They claim their place as leaders.

About the journal

The Journal of Correction Health Care is the only national peer-reviewed scientific journal that focuses on the latest research and developments in clinical care for chronic and infectious diseases, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, health service management, quality improvement, medical records, medico-legal issues, discharge planning, staffing, cost analysis and other matters related to correctional health care. The full tables of contents and a sample issue can be found on the Journal of Correction Health Care website.

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