One Piece: 10 characters who never won a battle

The battle for the supremacy of the seas is an eternal battle in the A piece world. Just as the pirates try to conquer the seas, the world government tries to do the same and the revolutionary army tries to overthrow the government itself.

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While those who rule the age are certainly quite powerful, there are also those who set sail but are seen as weak. Most of these characters have had little or no luck in any battles they’ve fought in and have therefore been defeated on countless occasions.

ten Alvida was introduced early but was never able to win a fight

Introduced fairly early in A piece, Alvida is a hacker who has failed in all the battles in which she has participated. Her first fight was against Monkey D. Luffy, who easily defeated her. Determined to get revenge on Luffy, she returned during the Logue Town arc only to be defeated again, this time by Smoker. Alvida hasn’t been in any major battles since then, and if she ever fights in the future, the outcome will likely be the same.

9 Buggy’s first mate, Mohji, has never won any battle he has been in

Mohji the Beast Tamer - One Piece

Mohji is Buggy’s first mate and was introduced to fans during the Orange Town arc. Understood for being great at the time, Mohji faced off against Luffy and lost the battle fairly quickly. He then fought Cabaji for control of the Buggy Pirates and the fight appeared to have been a draw. Mohji’s pet, Ritchie, was the one who defeated the two and ended up becoming their leader until Buggy returned and considered returning to Grand Line.

8 Cabaji des Buggy Pirates shares his bad luck with Mohji

Cabaji - One Piece

Pirate Buggy Chief of Staff Cabaji was once known to be a fighter, having Buggy’s full confidence in a fight against Roronoa Zoro. As expected, Cabaji lost the fight to the Straw Hat Swordsman, and after that loss, Cabaji fought Mohji in their battle tied. He also fought against minor enemies but was unlucky, like all the other members of their crew.

7 Jango lost to Zoro quite easily in Syrup Village

Introduced in a piece Arc of Syrup Village, Jango was the right hand of Captain Kuro. To see Kuro’s plan come to fruition, Jango attacked the village but was stopped in his tracks by Roronoa Zoro, who defeated the hypnotist quite easily in battle.

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Jango then joined the Marines and even fought in the Supreme War. However, with his skills, he couldn’t make a significant difference in any fight.

6 Fullbody’s luck deteriorated after fighting Sanji in Baratie

Lieutenant Commander of the Navy, Fullbody made an appearance at the marine restaurant known as Baratie where he fought Sanji, the future cook of the Straw Hat Pirates. Sanji defeated Fullbody effortlessly, and after Fullbody escaped the location his luck only got worse as he also lost to the Captain of the Tulip Pirates. Fullbody was even demoted to the rank of naval lieutenant. Eventually, he became a follower of “Black Cage” Hina and continues to follow her to this day.

5 The celestial dragon Saint Charlos has no combat skills

Noble of the world of Saint-Charlos

Charlos is a celestial dragon who was introduced in a piece Arch of the Sabaody Archipelago. Born with the greatest of privileges, Charlos abused it to the max and continues to do so. As a celestial dragon, he has admirals at his disposal, but he lacks all kinds of combat skills himself. In his brief clash with Zoro, Charlos would have died if Bonney hadn’t saved him. During the reverie arc, he wasn’t even able to defend himself against another weak celestial dragon, Mjosgard.

4 Spandam’s combat prowess is inferior to that of an average Navy

Formerly the leader of CP-9, Spandam currently serves as a subordinate member of CP-0. During the Enies Lobby arc, he became a major antagonist and was a threat due to the presence of strong people around him.

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Spandam lacks any sort of skill in combat, and according to Fukuro his strength is below the level of an average Marine, which just shows that he acquired his position by sheer luck or trickery. He fought a few battles against Franky, Robin, and Sogeking, but lost them all.

3 Mr. 3 was not known for his strength during his days of baroque works

Officer officer of the Baroque works, Mr. 3 was the main antagonist of the Little Garden arc where he faced Monkey D. Luffy. Although he had the powers of the Doru Doru no Mi up his sleeve, he ended up losing the fight with just one punch. He is then beaten by Crocodile, then by Sanji. During the Impel Down arc, Mr. 3 gave his support to Luffy against Magellan, but he still hasn’t shown any fighting skills himself.

2 Gecko Moria was a hapless pirate and lost all major fights

After the death of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, Moria set out to embrace age and set sail for the New World. As a famous pirate, he acquired a bounty of 320 million berries at one point. Moria faced Kaido in the New World but lost bitterly. He only weakened over the following years, and during the Thriller Bark arc, Luffy defeated him. He also participated in the Paramount War where Doflamingo and the Pacifistas nearly killed him.

1 Jack The Drought has lost all battles despite his might

Jack from One Piece

One of Kaido’s three All-Stars, Jack the Drought is an incredibly powerful pirate with a billion berry bounty on his head. Making his debut during the Zou arc, Jack fought both Inuarashi and Nekomamushi but couldn’t overpower either of them. To defeat the Minks, the Beasts Pirates used poison gas.

Soon after, Jack attacked Fujitora and Sengoku, only to be defeated again. His return to Zou saw him get run over by Zunesha. During the Wano Country arc, Jack fought Shutenmaru in an uphill battle where he was overwhelmed, and on Onigashima, he was again defeated by the Sulong powers of Inuarashi and Nekomamushi.

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