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A luxury cruise that had to leave 10 people behind in New York City due to a COVID outbreak will no longer return to the city at all due to staff pressures caused by the virus.

Meanwhile, the situation continues to worsen for the cruise industry in general, with 89 ships under some sort of CDC surveillance for COVID outbreaks – an increase of almost 20% in one day.

The Queen Mary 2 arrived at a Brooklyn port on December 20 after crossing the Atlantic for vacation. Upon arrival, 10 passengers tested positive for COVID-19 and were removed from the ship to self-isolate in the city.

The ship sailed to Barbados and was due to return to New York on January 3. But according to passengers, they received a letter from the ship’s captain on Tuesday evening saying the ship would stay there while it brought in additional crew, before heading directly to England next week.

Cunard confirmed the delay, which she said was a precautionary measure given the long journey back to England, and said he was working on transporting passengers from Barbados to New York next week.

“As a precautionary measure, the Queen Mary 2 will take on additional manpower in critical roles in Barbados before returning to the UK. Given the current international travel situation, the ship will remain in Barbados until January 2. The extended stay unfortunately means that the ship will not be able to call in New York on January 3 if it is to maintain the arrival in Southampton on January 10, 2022, “Cunard said in a statement.

All travelers aboard the Cunard ship, which the company touts as the ‘world’s largest ocean liner’, had to be fully vaccinated and tested for COVID just before boarding Southampton in Britain, suggesting it s were revolutionary cases.

A total of 1,473 guests were on board the ship when it reached New York, so infections at the time accounted for less than 1% of all guests on board. The ship now has 1,575 passengers.

COVID outbreaks on cruise ships

The COVID-positive guests were supposed to be able to join Queen Mary 2 on January 3, when he was due to return to New York on his way back to England. It was not immediately clear how the company would handle the travel of these passengers.

The Queen Mary 2 is hardly the only cruise ship affected by the omicron surge. Nearly 50 people aboard Royal Caribbean’s 7,000-passenger Symphony of the Seas, which requires a full vaccination for passengers aged 12 and older, have tested positive for COVID. They had been on a seven night trip to the Caribbean.

On Monday, the CDC said 38 ships were under investigation due to COVID outbreaks, 48 ​​others already investigated and still under observation, and 3 more under surveillance, for a total of 89, up from 75 only Monday.

The Queen Mary 2 was on the list of vessels under investigation.


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