Shared Decision Making for DLBCL Treatment

According to study results presented at the 2022 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting.

Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 14 adult patients with DLBCL R/R, 8 caregivers and 8 oncologists. All one-hour interviews were coded prior to analysis.

Low self-efficacy for shared decision-making was reported in 71% of patients and 38% of caregivers. Patients reported prompt care and shock of diagnosis/failure of treatment as reasons that hindered their participation in shared decision-making for treatment. However, patients also reported feeling like they were following a well-established standard of care, relying on physician recommendations for first-line treatment. Caregivers viewed treatment decisions as guidelines.

For second- and third-line treatment, cumulative treatment experience impacted patient preferences and considerations, with 43% of patients reporting greater autonomy in decision-making and clearer expectations. Educational material on treatment options was shared by 71% of patient oncologists. Additional resources to manage ancillary issues such as mental health and fertility were desired by some patients.

71% of study participants said they were satisfied with their treatment experience, but 21% said they wanted a more individualized approach.

Limited treatment options, established standard of care, and lack of patient understanding were among the barriers doctors listed for involving patients in decision-making.

“The results suggest that although second- and third-line DLBCL R/R treatment options may be limited, patient preferences and goals can be incorporated into long-term treatment planning,” the researchers concluded. “Opportunities for improvement include the development of tailored educational materials for caregivers to establish them as trusted messengers and tools for physicians to support the integration of lived patient experiences into their clinical workflow.

—Leigh Precopio


Vukcevic M. Patient, caregiver, and physician preferences for treatment of relapsed or refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (R/R DLBCL). Paper presented at: ASCO Annual Meeting 2022; June 3-7, 2022; Chicago, IL. Accessed June 9, 2022.

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