Stormy winter session: The Tribune India


The Lok Sabha logged 83 hours and 12 minutes of work out of 18 sittings in 24 days of the Parliament’s winter session, but lost 18 hours and 48 minutes due to disruption. At the Rajya Sabha, of the scheduled sitting time of 95 hours and 6 minutes, the House went about its business for only 45 hours and 34 minutes. The session was heated and unusually confrontational, setting a precedent, but the government still projected it as a success. The opposition’s opposition to the accusation of relying on a disruptive strategy was the way bills, such as repealing farm laws, were rushed through without debate, in plus the suspension of 12 deputies on the very first day.

Who runs a higher ladder by crying out scandal doesn’t matter when a ruling dispensation’s belief systems are conditioned to sidestep the norms. Therefore, the opposition should invest in the opportunity to flood the Treasury banks with harsh questions and objections, instead of just walking away. Responsibility requires a thorough study of the issues and good preparation. This has not been done. The remainder of the session, adjourned sine die a day earlier, is sure to resonate in the electoral arena. The voting service, in fact, has been cited as the reason for the low attendance of MPs, even the BJP which makes attendance an attribute of discipline. The priorities could not have come out more clearly.

Following the rushed passage of the electoral reform bill, which raises several unanswered questions, or legislation on raising the age of marriage for women, referred to a panel when that too could have been allowed to cross. And decidedly on the resignation request of the Minister of State of the Union for the Interior Ajay Mishra in the context of the Lakhimpur Kheri affair.


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