Thornhill wins Highveld Sailing Club winter regatta – Ridge Times


Wayne Thornhill won the recently staged Highveld Sailing Club Winter Regatta at the Trichardtsfontein Dam.

He scored five points and Gert Lategan (a junior sailor) was second with 13 points, Dries Lategan was third with 14 points, Gideon Slabbert was fourth with 17 points and his son and father, Coenraad Swiegers and Pieter Swiegers respectively finished fifth and sixth with 27 points each.

Long-time club members Sean Boyley and Jasper Coetzee offered training to all their junior and female sailors earlier this year and taught them how to tie knots and what to do in specific scenarios on the water.

They will be training again later this year.

Boyley said it was great teaching a child to sail solo.

“There aren’t many activities where you can teach a child about geometry, mechanics and physics while showing them that mind is always more important than brute force and that size and sex are not. have nothing to do with success, ”Boyley said.

“Sailing is a sport where the playing field of wind and water changes with each race to remind them that nature is always dynamic, but that it applies rules of priority, sportsmanship and maritime safety. .

“These are lessons that train them to put together complex sails and rigs, wash their own clothes and not panic when they capsize, lessons that teach them to trust their judgment, to take responsibility for their own. decisions and not to blame anyone or anything other than themselves.

“Sailing is a lifestyle that begins with a love of the water and ends with the ability to read the secret language of waves, clouds, currents and the predictable movement of a boat.


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