Tortuga’s story explained (and is it real?)


Tortuga appears as a major location in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but is the island a real place and if so, what is its history?

Tortuga is a vital place throughout the ensemble Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but is it a real place and if so what is the real story behind the island? Naturally for a series of summer blockbusters, the Pirates of the Caribbean the films play quickly and freely with the story. With the Kraken, Sea Goddess Calypso, and legendary villain Davy Jones all appearing in the original Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy alone, it’s fair to say that the series is more fantasy than factual. However, many elements of the Pirates of the Caribbean the films are based on a real story and touch on real events and places.


For example, while the monstrous villain Cutler Beckett may be a fictitious invention, the East India Trading Company was a very real company that played a major role in cracking down on piracy. The inclusion of real-life elements like this has left some Pirates of the Caribbean fans wonder if Tortuga Island, the pirate fortress seen throughout the franchise, is also real. Tortuga appears as a place in many films of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, but so does the Fountain of Youth, so viewers are right to be unsure of its existence.

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As jurassic parkthe archipelago of the “five dead”, Tortuga plays a central role in the whole Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. However, unlike Isla Sorna and Company, Tortuga is both a real-life location and served the same function as its fictional counterpart in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Tortuga was once the hotbed of international piracy thanks to its long history of warring factions attempting to claim the small, strategically vital location, and therefore, its description as a pirate port in the Pirates of the Caribbean the franchise is only a little more whimsical than the actual story illustrates.

Tortuga in the POTC movies

Scarlett to Tortuga in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

There are few things that the Pirates of the Caribbean the sequels have other than recurring series stars Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa in common, but Tortuga is one of them. The island is where Jack heads in the first movie, the curse of the black pearl, to recruit a crew with Will Turner near the start of the action. In the first suite Dead man’s chest, Tortuga is where Will heads in search of Jack, and later this is where Jack secures the crew who will hold the Black Pearl in during Davy Jones’ decisive Kraken attack. Later still, it is in Tortuga that Barbossa embarks after having obtained the black pearl in At the end of the worldends after the deaths of the Kraken and Davy Jones and the pirate world has been restored to its usual state of perpetual disorder.

Although he hasn’t been seen onscreen since that third film, Tortuga has always been reliably referenced throughout the last one. Pirates of the Caribbean sequelae. For example, the island is where Barbossa promises to take Blackbeard’s requisitioned ship at the end of On foreign tides. The island is not mentioned in the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Dead men don’t tell stories, but the fact that the release of the infamously troubled franchise has undergone so many revisions and rewrites as it does mean the movie may have made mention of the location in one of its previous incarnations.

Tortuga is there a real place

Tortuga is both a real place and a real historical bastion of pirates. Characters like Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow would have benefited from the strategic convenience of the setting and civil unrest in the days when the Pirates of the Caribbean movies take place and Tortuga remains a popular destination for tourists to this day. Off the north coast of Haiti, the small island (180 km²) was a haven for pirates in the 1600s due to the French, Dutch, Spanish and English battles for land ownership (with, of course, the natives). By 1700, the era of piracy was largely over, although Tortuga’s strategic location made it a favorite spot for buried treasures as it was easily accessible from many directions.

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Does Tortuga appear in POTC movies?

Ironically, the real Tortuga is not seen onscreen in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The franchise was plagued by production issues, the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie On foreign tides repeatedly revising his plans during production and still finding himself with the biggest movie budget of all time by the time the movie was finished. Due to these kinds of issues, readers won’t be surprised to learn that instead of turning into real life Tortuga, the tiny island nation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has replaced the island in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. This may be entirely due to the logistics of filming on the actual island, or perhaps because Tortuga offered less tax incentives to filmmakers.

While the Pirates of the Caribbean The films are far from historically accurate, the inclusion of occasional elements of real-life history helped elevate the series and made the franchise a cult classic. Jack Sparrow takes on the original trilogy villain Cutler Beckett in a deleted At the end of the world scene from an earlier incident in which Amoral Beckett ordered him to transport slaves, and the striking footage is a stark reminder that many of the historical injustices observed in the Pirates of the Caribbean the movies are as real as the locations found in the franchise. Tortuga’s own story was defined by both the triumph of the slave revolution in Haiti and the barbarity of the slave trade, which made it particularly unfortunate that this pivotal scene was cut from the last film in the series for present the famous place on screen. That said, it is clear that the Pirates of the Caribbean the films have been a boon to the local tourism industry on the tiny island off the coast of Haiti, as many fans of the franchise come to see the idyllic location made famous by the hit series.

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