Ubisoft’s Star Wars game set to emulate AC 4: Black Flag’s open world

Ubisoft’s open-world Star Wars game is set to take inspiration from the best Assassin’s Creed, using the customization and exploration of AC 4: Black Flag.

The announcement of the arrival of Ubisoft Star wars The game marked the end of EA’s exclusive tenure with the license, opening it up to more ideas and influences. Not much is known about the project, other than the fact that Ubisoft is doing a “scripted, open worldStar wars to live. To nail this concept, the company must rely on one of its best open worlds: Assassin’s Creed 4 The Black Flag.

The Ubisoft studio realizing the Star wars title, Massive Entertainment, previously developed both Tom Clancy’s Division games and create the next one Avatar: Pandora’s Borders. It’s a promising resume, but many of Ubisoft’s open worlds have been criticized for being overly stereotypical – lush environments, an abundance of collectibles, enemy strongholds to unleash, RPG upgrade paths to pursue. , and nothing too inventive. Still, this formula produced some great games, including the best in the series. CA 4.

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Located in the golden age of piracy in the middle of the 18th century, AC 4: Black flag focuses on the exploits of Edward Kenway, a pirate and assassin. It’s a solid entry all around, but its biggest highlight by far is its naval gameplay. As a major improvement over the mission-based navigation mechanic introduced in Assassin’s Creed 3, CA 4 allows players to explore the Caribbean by boat, visit numerous islands and perform a variety of activities, such as hunting, diving and looting.

What Ubisoft’s Star Wars Game Can Learn From AC 4: Black Flag

It is easy to see how many parts of CA 4 could result in a Star wars Game. Players could travel the galaxy as Black flag the sea, visit planetary “islands” with different peoples and points of interest, engage in ship-to-ship “naval” battles in space and even “dive” in search of treasure in abandoned ships in course. Ubisoft Star wars the game could also put a similar emphasis on the player’s ship itself; AC 4 Jackdaw is fully customizable, with plenty of upgrades and cosmetics to invest in. Spaceships are an iconic part of the franchise, but not modern Star wars The game has managed to give players a level of control over their ship needed to create something as iconic as the Millennium Falcon or Boba Fett’s spaceship.

Besides exploration and customization, Black flag can also provide lessons for inspiration for a game. It’s great for capturing an atmosphere, with its many nods to both historical and fictional pirate culture. The sound and world design of the game is also excellent, and even something as basic as AC 4 impressive water physics helps make her world authentic. Perhaps her most cherished fulfillment was giving Edward’s crew a whole catalog of seaman’s songs to sing while sailing. There may not be a direct link Star wars equivalent to that, but Massive could give gamers something else to do on their journey, like universe radio stations, live podracing shows, or holochess games. Borrow almost any item from Assassin’s Creed 4 The Black Flag could offer opportunities to do Ubisoft Star wars memorable match.

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