Whangārei man’s dream job combines his love of the sea and engineering

Midshipman Brock Longworth, from Whangārei, will embrace his love of the sea and engineering as he embarks on a naval career with the RNZ Navy’s Tangaroa Program for Junior Officers

It’s hard to find a career that combines two of your passions.

But Whangārei’s Brock Longworth may have found his dream job, which combines his loves for engineering and the sea.

Less than a year after leaving school, the 18-year-old has completed the six-month Joint Junior Officer Training (JOCT) with the Royal New Zealand Navy and will now start a four-year Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (with distinction). become a marine engineer.

The degree is awarded through the Salary Scheme (Tangaroa), in which junior officers are paid to study on a “year for a year” return of service basis.

Midshipman Longworth said he had always been fascinated by the ocean and enjoyed spending time in and around it, and also enjoyed physics and calculus.

“The Navy was the perfect way to marry those two interests. I also hate the idea of ​​a boring office job and love the opportunities the Navy provides,” he said.

He was also following his older brother, who enlisted in the Navy in 2020.

The highlight of the training was Exercise Squall, a week-long field scenario on the Whangaparaōa Peninsula, playing a Navy reconstruction team in a problematic Pacific island nation.

“I absolutely loved it and learned so much about myself and how I lead, especially in stressful situations. It was an experience I will carry boldly for many years to come.”

But it wasn’t all easy. Auckland’s lockdown meant he was unable to go on furlough for six months.

“It was very difficult not being able to see friends or family for so long. Yet we still managed to complete the entire course prioritizing safety within Covid guidelines. It was an incredible achievement.”

Now he is looking forward to the next chapter.

“I expect to really have fun throughout my studies. I also look forward to taking naval courses between semesters to expand my knowledge and service experience,” he said. .

“I would like to join some of the Navy sports teams like golf and volleyball and represent the RNZN on the sports field. I would also like to be an engineer on board HMNZS Aotearoa when it sails to Antarctica. “

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