What happens to the book Bilbo was writing?


At the opening scene of the 2001 Peter Jackson film adaptation The Fellowship of the Ring, Bilbo Baggins is shown to the public in Cul-de-sac, studiously dedicating his writings in a large red book. When he finally decides to leave the Shire, after his little round of disappearing with the One Ring at his birthday party, he takes his journal with him, telling Gandalf that he thought in the end ‘And he has. lived happily ever after, until the end of his days.

In the chapter “A Long Overdue Party” of Tolkien’s original work, Gandalf replies “I hope he will. But no one will read the book, no matter how it ends. This is one of the few times the wise gray wizard gets it wrong, as the Red Book becomes a very important document not only in the history of the hobbits but also in the other realms of Middle-earth.


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At the end of Return of the king, Frodo and Bilbo say goodbye to their dearest friends and set sail for Eternal Lands, with the beautiful melody “Into the West” in the background. But just before boarding the ship, Frodo hands the book over to his most loyal companion Samwise Gamgee. At this point, it contains “Very and Back,” Bilbo’s tale of Smaug’s desolation and the journey to reclaim the dwarf homeland of Erebor, seen in The Hobbit movies, as well as “The Fall of the Lord of the Rings and the return of the king ‘which are Frodo’s personal writings from his trip to Mordor and the surrounding war that took place.

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The book also includes a collection of stories and maps and eleven writings that Bilbo compiled during his time in Rivendell. From there, Sam took the book, adding to it during his tenure as County Mayor, along with segments provided by Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took, two other community members who joined the quest to destroy the Ring, before to pass it on to the hands of his daughter Eleanor Gamgee.

When Eleanor married and became Fairbairn, she and her family took custody of the book very seriously, passing it down from generation to generation, and thus received the title “Guardians of Westmarch” who were charged with the protection of the red book, which at this point contained a great deal of important information.

Although the Fairbairns did an excellent job of keeping the book safe, it was decided that a few copies should be made and distributed to the other realms so that the people of the United Kingdom in the Fourth Age of Middle-earth could come together. learn about the events that occurred during the War of the Ring, and the legendary bravery of the Hobbits involved. King Ellessar, known for the most part by the name of Aragorn, had a copy drawn up in Minas Tirith, to which were added corrections of names, certain words, and especially quotations written in an incorrect Elvish language. Several volumes were added to this book, which became Thain’s book.

It is a most important pastime for hobbits to trace their lineage, to understand what type of hobbit they are descended from, what the noblest family lines are, and what belongs to whom, but when Bilbo started writing of his book, he could never have foreseen what an important document he would become in preserving information about his life, his people, and one of the greatest battles ever fought for Middle-earth.

However, there is an interesting theory among the Lord of the Rings fans that there is one character in the books who knows the fate of the book, the fate of the community, the ring, and indeed all of Middle-earth, and that’s Galadriel. During the famous scene where she pours water into her mirror fountain, she claims to have seen “things that were, things that are and things that have not yet happened”. The mirror is one of the many magical objects in Middle-earth, such as the Palantiri, the Seven Seeing Stones, which show glimpses of the future. Many conspirators believe that Galadriel, and therefore several other members of the Elven race, already know that the quest will be successful, that the One Ring will be destroyed, and that it will become legend and history among the peoples of the world. world.

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This would explain why the Elves are all preparing to leave Middle-earth, knowing that the Age of Men is about to begin and that the 3 Elven Rings will lose their power once the One Ring is destroyed. There seems to be a self-awareness of many characters that they are in a story or fairy tale where the end is already set. Two other good examples include when Gollum leads Frodo and Sam up the stairs to Cirith Ungol, and Sam says “I wonder if they will ever write songs or stories about us.”

The second reference comes from a long scene in which Aragorn tells Arwen that he feels lost and confused and cannot find which path he is on, and she tells him that “It is already in front of your feet”. Arguably she could be referring to their resemblance to Beren and Luthien who came before them and had a very similar story to them resulting in the abandonment of immortality so that the elf maiden could be with her sweetheart, a mortal man, but fans I think it is more likely that she too will already know the outcome of all that is to follow.

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