With 5 to 8 inches of snow expected, Holmes begins storm preparation

MILLERSBURG — Holmes County Emergency Management Director Jason Troyer said he is preparing for inclement weather later this week.

A projection of five to eight inches of snow is forecast, with possible ice and freezing rain, complementing Winter Storm Landon.

Commissioner Rob Ault said power companies have been very successful in cutting things along county and township roads to help eliminate freezing and falling tree limbs on power lines.

Jason Troyer

Troyer said he was monitoring Killbuck Creek and noted it was below minor flood stage.

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A look at flood possibilities, emergency shelters

“The projections throughout the week, including this storm, are just under 10 feet,” Troyer said. “Minor flooding starts at 15 feet, so we’re still in those good numbers with the Killbuck Creek.”

They are also preparing emergency shelters in the event of a situation similar to the ice storm that crippled Holmes County from December 2004 to January 2005.

The county is using WKLM radio and social media to help publicize closures and cancellations.

Commissioner Joe Miller said Holmes County is good at neighbors who look out for neighbors and help each other through tough times.

Bids reviewed for road restoration

In other cases, commissioners received five bids ranging from $243,000 to $304,000 for a road redevelopment project.

Deputy County Engineer Cory Baker has opened the bids and he and County Engineer Chris Young will review them and submit their recommendation to the commissioners next week.

Griffin Pavement Striping of Columbus submitted the lowest bid at $243,791.60. The next lowest bid came from Aero Mark of Streetsboro at $269,999.

The offer from A&A Safety (Amelia) was $275,592.45 and that from American Roadway (Norton) was $293,569.50. Oglesby Construction of Norwalk submitted the highest bid at $304,482.16.

The engineer’s estimated cost of the project was $294,000.

Baker said the new strip project is for the first set of roads that were paved under the county’s 0.25% sales tax that were paved in 2017.

“This project is financed by local funds,” he said. “It includes 31 miles of center line and 62 miles of edge lines.”

Baker added that he hopes to have the roads done in the spring.

“These companies are all slammed in the summer and it’s hard to line them up, so if we can hire them and start early we can avoid any delays,” he said.

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